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Lyla Ribot is an illustrator, animator and motion graphics artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. With 6 years of professional experience she has worked on a variety of projects across the board, from commercials to TV shows, Independent films, web series, music videos, and websites.

As for personal works, she has also showcased and sold art at Too Art for TV, Desert Island, and Comic Arts Brooklyn, and screened films at Animation Block Party, Dumbest Shit I Ever Saw and Northside Film Festival. Her GIF Twiddle was featured in Tumblr staff’s top #ArtistsonTumblr gifs for the year of 2015.

Currently a full time animator/illustrator at BuzzFeed, she is available for your freelance gigs, so feel free to reach out.

Some notable clients include GIPHY studios, Wired Magazine, Broad City, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, NYC TV, VH1, and many more.

Email: LTRibot@gmail.com